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How they got there? What are they doing in front of the tomb of Marcel Proust? Here they are: a writer experiencing a creative crisis, paranoid and a little sociopath and a 17-year-old out of control. She is looking for some desperate freedom; he, with five novels, many awards and so little money on his back, is teaching creative writing at the Uni. A meeting, a tale as a three parts movie, unsettling, disquieting, ironic and sharp; a novel in which dreams and fiction intertwine and replace the reality, to give back the thin atmosphere of a cultural environment and the flaking not only of a privileged class, but of a social climate that collapses on cliches and idiosyncrasies.

pages: 144

ISBN: 9788861101364
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From the spine-chilling possibility of Evil to the shiny vision of a psychiatric patient who believes himself God; from the mystery of an unusual tea shop to the banality of a trip in the country.
With a clean, sharp and elegant style, Luigi Cecchi abducts the reader carrying him from tale to tale and letting his imagination flow to feed fears and restlessness, but also to highlight all those small details making possible our daily-life. Touching almost every declination of Fantastic, these tales celebrate the beauty, the inevitable sadness of the human condition and the boundless possibilities of the imagination, underlining the contradictions and the dangers intrinsic to this arid society, withdrawn into itself. A compelling debut.


pages: 240

ISBN: 9788861101470
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Matteo Gemmi, having left with no degree the faculty of philosophy, is looking for a job with no ambitions: he starts selling subscriptions to satellite TV, then life insurances door to door. During these test periods, a little bit for envy and a little bit to catch up, begins to snoop into the lives of others, especially those "normal" people with a steady job, a mortgage, a family and the holidays to organize. Curiosity will soon become his main occupation: Matteo decides to spend his life to shadow people, regularly, noting events and impressions. And it is during one of his stalking that meets old Mr. Alunni, who will guide him in disturbing experiences and perhaps even to a breakthrough. In the background, a world of clichés, inequality and social hypocrisies, mediocrity and vulgarity. Afflicted by the inability to build relationships, an existential and professional insecurity, the main characters are involved in competition and senseless hate, in conformism and in desperate need of belonging.
All told without a hint of languid sentimentality, but with the lens of detachment and irony.


pages: 186

ISBN: 9788861101319
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Arcano 21 narrates the adventures of a university student in the late eighties, a student who is a bit lazy and lonely, but has an overwhelming passion: reading. His love for stories lead him to seek and find a job in a bookshop where he is formed by a bibliophile and nostalgic of Futurism warehouse worker and by other tragicomic figures. Bookshop after bookshop, the student begins an apprenticeship that will lead him to know the ins and outs of a trade which is not just meditative and routine, and is crowded with effervescent characters. The main character is helped by a very special compass: the voices of characters from literary works that he loved the most, which take possession of his head with their original thought – namely the thought of their respective authors. Unexpectedly, the story of the appearance of the first wisteria in Europe, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, will mark a turning point in the life and the boy’s head.

pages: 480

ISBN: 9788861100992
rights sold:
A compelling literary experiment, a choral novel from ten of the greatest italian crimewriters.
Rome, 2012. Maria Letizia Pomarici, aged 25, saleswoman in a shoe store, once back home finds
the naked body of Chiara Maffei, introverted and problematic girl with whom divides the small apartment on the ground floor of Via Merulana. The body is crouched on the ground, hung to the radiator in the bathroom: odd location, but not unusual to suicide. The investigating magistrate, Dr. Antonia Monanni, is a woman in her forties, with a solitary and complicated life. She suffered in her youth from the same disorders as Chiara Maffei and decides to investigate involving Marshal Corsetti, her old friend, hoping he will not resolve the case… Ten voices and ten characters will lead the reader to several possible truths about the case Pomarici, revealing from time to time a
backstory, a point of view, a development. The tension of narration will be holded without any
smear until the exciting last stretch.

The sorter box is brilliant, the plot and the narration are perfect, flawless.
Marco Filoni, Pagina99

An absolute newness, both in concept and setting […] An extraordinary choral work, an interesting and kaleidoscopic noir puzzle box.
Patrizia Debicke, MilanoNera

pages: 296

ISBN: 9788861100961
rights sold:

Guido Pennisi and Gianni Serra are two lazy children; no one seems to notice them in the Primary School Attilio Regolo. Until the most trumpeted and awaited day of the year, the day when the anonymous institution is preparing to welcome the most famous and wealthy inventor of the world, the one who gave birth to the "Futurometro", an incredible machine destined to change the future and, above all, the Italian education system. Everything is ready in the gym: festoons hanging, mothers overdressed, sleek authorities. A narrow-minded Italy is crowded in that room, a Country
of mummy’s boys ready to wash their hands of their children’s future with the blessing of technology. The final challenge to creativity has started, but, perhaps, the adults have not come to terms with the terrible twins Smargotti. Cosa vuoi fare da grande is an amusing and adventurous novel in which the feelings are treated with delicacy and truth. A story that sows irony and melancholy, leaving us astonished in front of the question that we should never stop to ask.

An amazing, comic, visionary, excessive novel.
Marco Belpoliti, La Stampa

A surprising social satire on our present and on the faults and failings of public education.
Paolo Di Paolo, L’Unità

pages: 184

ISBN: 9788861100558
rights sold:

Io non ci volevo venire qui is the fictional and comic autobiography of a talentless guy in search of a
quiet life and trying to run away from the sirens of art. An open confession, which give the reader
the chance to live an incredible list of pseudo-artistic experiences: acting companies, scuffed writing schools, post-rock musicians in search of fame, all taking on a life of one's own. A true reflection of what happens when mass education creates its unexpected product: an army of poets and guitarists instead of scientists. We will be dealing with “The syndrome of Forrest Gump”, “The theorem of the Knight” and “The curse of the lost manuscript”, chapter by chapter, until the last, incredible misadventure that will lead us to find out “why the public of Dante’s readings has always that
kind of air.”

A laugh will dig you up.
Francesco Forlani, Nazione indiana

Ironic and detached: art and literature like you’ve never seen.
Martina Pagano, Critica Letteraria

pages: 130

ISBN: 9788861100367
rights sold:
Nine great writers in just one night. Nine great tales to mark a journey that begins at 21:00 and ends at dawn of 6:00. How many hours you can count in one night? How you distinguish between them? Which kind of phantoms, darkness, dreams and ideas populate the night? These nine stories take place in sequence from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am: nighttime stories timed by Nichola Verde, Gianmaria Testa, Bruno Morchio, Grazia Verasani, Andrea Ballarini, Lidia Ravera, Gianluca Morozzi, Sandra Petrignani and Caterina Bonvicini. There are hours good to sleep, to work, to dream, to make love, to kill, to die. Distressing hours, sometimes useless. In the twilight zone told by these nine writers, everything has a beginning and an end, and the sense of time is marked, inexorable, because only
the hours they never die.

An unmistakable style, a perfect night anthology.

pages: 200

ISBN: 9788861100442
rights sold:
Beatrice Talamo is an artist. She creates small poems and drawings that, just like the stories in this book, reveal and illuminate moments of life and beauty, capturing views of the world. Dacia Maraini, in her preface to the book, describes them as "rhythmic compositions, lyrical poems," adding that it is not easy "to give a name to these stories that say very little and, at the same time, reveal and hide worlds. [...] In this book of non-events the stars go up instead of down, braids stretch unexpectedly, the hands are stoned, and the ears become sand.

In this book of non-events the stars go up instead of down, braids stretch unexpectedly, the hands
are stoned, and the ears become sand.
Dacia Maraini

pages: 136

ISBN: 9788861100343
rights sold:
AD 1697. Giacomo Crivelli, comedian at Théâtre Italien in Paris, suddenly finds himself out of work when a decree of the king orders the suspension of the performances of the companies. Therefore decides to write his autobiography and moves away from the French capital in search of places giving him inspiration. His wanderings took him to the monastery of Saint-Honorat, where his old friend Aristotele Cereri will join him to offer a new job in Venice. During the trip they join Diana, an Italian singer forced to leave the country following some mysterious and unpleasant events, who starts with Giacomo a turbulent and romantic love story. In Venice Giacomo and Aristotele find the city in danger because of an outbreak of shingle and a series of unsolved crimes involving noblemen and comedians. The investigations begin. In a kaleidoscope of events and characters, especially thanks to his wise and hyperbolic style, Andrea Ballarini gives us with his second novel a baroque detective story, where the theatricality and the irony of life fit together in a perfect clockwork.

A dense texture of events, tangles and twists.

pages: 456

ISBN: 9788861100466
rights sold:
AD 1676. Giacomo Crivelli, son of the Duke’s General Superintendent, leaves his father’s home, traveling Europe together with a company of comedians. Soon he gets involved in the search for a mysterious and dangerous manuscript that leads him to visit the courts of Italy and Europe,
to tread the streets of the small countries as well as the rooms of the palace of King of France. The manuscripts has to be found and hidden: if it would come into public knowledge, could radically change the fate of the world. The finale chapters are astonishing, with the consolation that men
do not always remain faithful to the part that fate has handed them on the stage of existence.

A compelling novel, also very funny, sometimes hilarious.
Rita Charbonnier

pages: 488

ISBN: 9788861100275
rights sold:
The intensity of the novel is all in the character of the woman who dominates it with his strength: Zlata. Mother, wife, lover, now in her late years and forced into a bed to deal with life, asking a priest for help or unconditional approval, telling him the battles she fought in her existence.
The novel creates a character that does not leave you, whose paraded and vain wickedness thrusts upon you like weed, and you have the feeling that it is much closer than imagined.

An unforgivable character who dominates the novel.
Ivan Cotroneo

pages: 152

ISBN: 9788861100206
rights sold:
Nana plays with the world because is long time used to understand the breath of her surroundings. Cute and unconventional little girl in Naples, she make dreams about her life, picturing herself as a new Patty Pravo, the famous singer: independent, single and pretty. Her gaze often crosses that of Nana as an adult: graduate, rich and solid. And while the little Nana discovers the importance of education, the adult one lives her love with his American. But every dream lacks of eternity and, awakened alone in her bed with stars and stripes, Nana will have to call the shots about her life. And to choose.

A carnal style, spanning the past as a wound.

pages: 128

ISBN: 9788861100435
rights sold:

In forty-eight damned hours, Roberto Milano, young graduate, fixed-term contract worker, cyclist suffering from psoriasis, workaholic for necessity and without glory, loses three jobs: background actor in porn movies, private teacher and delivery boy. The last hope is an interview for a job in a fast food. The illusion breaks on the motivational test: which the hell was the correct answer to that question about the egg? When it seems there is no more choice than in moving back to his mother’s house, Roberto meets Marianna, unprejudiced, fresh, vital young girl, whit whim fells in love and starts planning the great robbery, later which nothing will be more the same. Indicated among the finalists to the CALVINO PRIZE for "the uninhibited style with which Napoli ironically faces the theme of the precarious jobs, Fabio Napoli writes a bittersweet comedy about youth, life, job and money.

An original style, a writing attentive to the sound of words.
Corriere della Sera

pages: 168

ISBN: 9788861100428
rights sold:

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